THE FLAME gas fireplace inserts

The new generation of THE FLAME gas fireplaces is powered by natural gas or LPG. In an open decorative fire version or a closed fireplace version for heating, they are able to satisfy even individual needs. All the fireplaces, up to 7 m are available in the “Front, Tunnel, Front and 1-side, three-sided short-long-short and long-short-long versions”. Obviously THE FLAME also offers the right airexhaust system.

Gas torches

THE FLAME gas torches are the only ones of this kind. Composed of 2 parts, the burner and
the support for the torch, they place no limits on your creativity. Anything is possible! Whether using natural gas (methane) or LPG: all the gas torch burners can be lighted remotely either manually or in a fully automatic mode. There are also autonomous torches that work on gas cylinders.