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THE FLAME gas fire

The new generation of THE FLAME gas fireplaces is powered by natural gas or LPG. In an open decorative fire version or a closed fireplace version for heating, they are able to meet any individual needs. All fireplaces (up to a lenght of 7 m) are available in the “Front, Tunnel, Front and 1-side, three-sided short-long-short “C” or long-short-long “U” shape). Needless to say, THE FLAME offers the according airexhaust system.

Gas torches

THE FLAME gas torches are the only ones of their kind. Made of two parts, the burner and the support for the torch, your creativity is set no limits. Anything is possible! Whether using natural gas (methane) or LPG: all the gas torch burners can be lighted remotely either manually or in a fully automatic mode. There are also autonomous torches that work on gas cylinders.