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Ethanol fireplace

The Flame / Flames / Ethanol fireplace


Ideal for indoor or outdoor use and wellness areas.


TECHNOLOGY: Ethanol fireplace

CATEGORY: Free Standing



Patina – Wood

Scope of delivery

Fire furniture, Evaporation burner, Contact protection glass, Ignition hook, Dékor stones, 5 l Bio-Fuel, Filling container, without cushion
Optional: Dékor wood (HSAB-09, ASTH-07), Superglow (SUPGL), Insect Bio-Stop – Set (IBS-ST), Heat resistant, rear-ventilated double-glazing at half height helps lower the temperature of the glass surfaces (glass height: approx. 37.5 cm), including glass bow, ventilation duct and enlarged drip pan (BENC-D1, BENC-D2), Protective cover with integrated exhaust duct for outdoor areas (BENC-S1, BENC-S2), Railing to lean on (BENC-L1, BENC-L2), Seat cushion (BENC-SK).


BENC-01 approx. H 41 (116) cm, W 150 cm, D 150 cm
BENC-02 approx. H 41 (116) cm, W 150 cm, D 100 cm
Weight: BENC-01 approx. 200 kg,
BENC-02 approx. 150 kg

Don‘t forget fuel!