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Effect fire

The Flame / Flames / Effect fire

HIP Wall

The fire furniture for wall mounting, provides beautiful, romantic fire ambience. Simply hang up, fill with Bio-Fluid (distilled water) and enjoy the “fire”. Electricity (230 V), special lamps and an ultrasonic vaporizer create this magic play of flames. The elegant shiny glass cladding is suitable for all styles.

+ 2 Front glass panes and side glass panes (multiple parts) – made of bronze glass – partially coloured
+ Fire space-back wall – glass black
+ Fire space-side glass panes – mirror
+ The filling of the burner is done from above
+ Including glass-flap and remote control
+ The intensity of the flames is adjustable


TECHNOLOGY: Effect fire

CATEGORY: Suspended



Glass black, Glass red, Glass white

Scope of delivery

Effect fire furniture incl. handy remote control, without heating performance.
Optional: Special colors (RAL-Colors), Decor wood set, Decor stones, Automatic recharging system – Fluidmatic with O-Box


”HIP WALL XXS”: approx. W 102 cm, H 55 cm, D 25 cm
”HIP WALL XXXS”: approx. W 145 cm, H 55 cm, D 25 cm
”HIP WALL XXXXS”: approx. W 188 cm, H 55 cm, D 25 cm
”HIP WALL XXXXXS”: approx. W 231 cm, H 55 cm, D 25 cm